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Under high share accounted for by the college entrance examination of English grammar syntax out of 60%, how best to review these key grammar and improve their language skills, the students put forward higher requirements.

How to deal with high school English learning in the spring of

listening and speaking courses will change its old leading strategies, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing will be important and difficult to learn. Core grammar to college entrance examination at this stage, including the following: modal verbs, adjectives, adverbs, noun clauses, non-finite verb, word-formation. Learning focus from knowledge of a gradual transition to language skills.

vocabulary volume continues to increases, this has became many students English learning of Lion; reading will from original of using simple of reading strategy Gets information change for reading General English original, read understand various commodity of manual, non-professional technical of information, according to stories and the context guess not familiar of language phenomenon; Meanwhile, writing also upgrade for description more complex of phenomenon, and process, can compared smooth of expression himself of views and views,.

all these changes will no doubt be challenges in learning English at this stage, students in the learning mode, on the preparation for the new curriculum to prepare in order to best meet the challenges.

course features

           is a solid foundation of basic principles of our courses; speaking practice combining outstanding research learning; knowledge and skills and principles. Features highlight: stratification; speaking practice with; combine breadth and depth and interest. Courses in the core vocabulary, content on the understanding and application of basic grammar, basic reading strategies and methods, basic procedures and methods of writing a full summary and guidance, review and consolidate, laying a solid foundation for high school.


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