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Did you experience these problems

first of all, on the level of knowledge, vocabulary has grown larger, new vocabulary has increased by more than 1000, but how to use these words and phrases have become an insurmountable obstacle. Meanwhile, volume, have greatly increased the difficulty of reading, reading comprehension, finish filling the air, the long difficult words become the way we read from time to time, at the same time, improve writing skills we need to have a lot, but the application of complex sentences into a formidable bottleneck.

Secondly, the method level, go with the feeling of English learning method is not working, how to effective learning and effective understanding, writing sentences, should become the focus of study.

high school spring the importance of learning English

during the two stages is the key to high school, especially high school is a time of polarization in English learning for the next term, is a focus on learning grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading a critical period. All of these are the demands on English grammar, it asks how to organize words into isolated authentic statements, how to analyze the long sentences, how to write a beautiful complex. Grammar is a key element in enhancing self-learning and independent learning, guiding, monitoring the learning English vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing long sentences in each process.

learn basic English grammar, became the key to learning English.

teach you what

our courses according to the characteristic high school course of study devoted to preview and explore the high school grammar. During the course, we will focus on grammar, a comprehensive study and explanation, master the basic meaning of every kind of grammatical items, extrapolate, and regarded it as an essential means to solve the problem, for the three stages of vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and others prepared.

courses in line with the principle of combining knowledge and abilities, the principle of combining knowledge and methods, highlighting the speaking practice with features such as, basic understanding and practical application of combined, so that students understand each characteristic and application of grammar skills, grasp its essence.


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