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High school English what are the characteristics

     entered the third year, a significant change in focus: from learning on the stage, enter note by regular learning, learning content, by learning on the basis of a knowledge of the basics of comprehensive review of learning goals, language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) of culture into English using a combination of consolidation and improvement of the ability. In this process, the psychological changes are key to consolidation and improvement become the focus of our study, review, test our Learning Center, problem-solving skills, learn became breakthrough to us.

three spring what needs to be done

     consolidation of knowledge, study skills, completes the review of the three-wheeled and three-mode tests, conduct a comprehensive preparation for the college entrance examination. We of courses will from understanding and face entrance, and vocabulary learning, and syntax learning, and heard training, and read and write training Shang for full of combs, that guide students are gradually understanding and adapted entrance, do psychological level of prepared, and do entrance of knowledge review, and reserves and skills prepared; both review Gong by learn vocabulary, and syntax, and sentence, based knowledge, and oriented three, focus breakthrough entrance syntax, and listening, and read and write, heavy difficulties; that training basic of read and write, and heard, and vocabulary learning capacity, and focused on various learning strategy, and method, and Skills are introduced and developed.


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