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With the college entrance examination approaches, for university entrance exam math review must be a purposeful plan, in addition to deepening understanding of the basics, improving the knowledge structure, and improving qualities of thinking, improve math skills outside,  at the time of review should also pay attention to methods of reasonable and scientific,  do not use tihaizhanshu.

and developing good problem solving habits

     a lot of students in the normal course of study, subject after reading, find types, methods, and problems like I've done, easily skipped for the Administration, however, "will not, without the whole" is the important difference between an ordinary student and an excellent student. In review, therefore, become a problem must be completely: strict reasoning process, shows the main steps to consider the issue fully, problem solving process and write the correct answer, must not fly, assumed to encounter problems.

Second, improve the accuracy of solution

     enter after high school, each student on their own knowledge and ability level, there should be a general orientation, that is, a level maths papers of college entrance, how many questions are you going to do, what problem is the need to get points, what topic could have given up. The so-called "willing" to discard in order to learn. Trigonometric functions, series, solid geometry, probability and statistics questions exam location is "middle difficulty" for most students to, , at the time of review, make sure that these parts of the topic to do thoroughly. Pay special attention to these questions out rates are effective ways to improve scores.

third, pay attention to   "little problems"

         the so-called "small problems" generally refers to those on the multiple-choice or fill-in questions appear, difficult topics with other knowledge synthesis of high school math test, such as linear regression, program issues, distribution issues, polar coordinates, parametric equations, geometric proofs, which tend to be simple, as long as the basic knowledge, Is relatively easy to deal with. Don't forget, scores on college entrance examination in which knowledge is no different, in the first round of review, therefore, must not discriminate against or ignore these "unimportant" "little problem" the knowledge.


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