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High 11:1 personalized guidance language

First, three "," how high depends on high "Foundation" how thick

high school learned about 240 minutes in the entrance examination, accounted for about 32% college entrance examination score; high accumulation of knowledge in place, three more provinces a greater focus falls!

two taller, how to lay "foundations"

① summarizes the required one to five key points and test center, prepared to meet any challenge!

II summary of the most common three types of poetry: poetry, pastoral poems, farewell poems Recalling antiquity in the history (4-7)  -about 80/150 min, so that students not to drop points in the most difficult questions!  

     ③ you did write a typical high school student composition? It's 60 minutes! Teacher will tell you the secret!  

     you will analyze the prose structure and main contents of it? This can be accounted for 8 points!   Teacher leads you to overcome it through!


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