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Second stage of English learning students learn "watershed", at this stage in the grammar, vocabulary, reading, gestalt, and called for further deepening of writing, learning difficulties, significant changes in depth, breadth, especially in the second semester began to appear "polarization".

two days of what will you learn English

     students after 1.5 years of new curriculum in junior middle school in the edification and practice have mastered some basic knowledge and ability in English, and an initial independence, cooperation, probing, the ability to experiment. Second day will have greater growth in vocabulary of English grammar project will transition from simple sentences into complex sentences. Second semester our main study focuses on knowledge, for example:

     the use of modal verbs

    1.  easily-confused usage of the modal verbs like may and might are used.

    2.  usage of the modal verbs meaning, such as: will form "wishes", table "speculation", table "habitual" and so on.

     verb tenses

     added "future tense", "past continuous", "present perfect" system of learning.

     the object clause

     the structure of the object clause and guide words (connecting pronoun adverb or connection).


     preliminary study of adverbial and guide words.

     was significantly increased in difficulty and depth of knowledge, some knowledge is important and difficult is the junior, also test will test. Syntax knowledge seems there are always small, easily overlooked, but these points have not been good, often results in a syntax error, so students should pay attention to in some small place don't muddle along.

     This study is gradually transition to reading, writing, and reading increases, the difficulty and length of sentences deepened, and the emergence of cloze and writing, which have been the major obstacles to students to learn. "The sense of" doing exercise is not the panacea, it is a focused learning grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading a critical period.

spring courses will teach you what

         junior in the in order to help students successfully learn, will capture the knowledge with you through this spring. Second day of spring will stand the test of angles in the consolidation of basic knowledge while simultaneously teaching this semester textbooks vocabulary, grammar, texts focus, difficulties, teaches reading, methods and techniques of gestalt. Is different from the school's teaching methods, vocabulary, phrases, and sentences of course pay close attention to each unit of memory, grammar master, teach your students ' science learning methods and habits, knowledge in the first two days of tests in the important and difficult to break, help students successfully complete the first two days of the transition to third, so that students "won in the watershed"!


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