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"Spring". Middle School for three years, you have gone half the distance. In the first two days of the spring, you will have more fun math learning. It's fun, it's ever-changing, its ups and downs, can make you feel rushed off the game, after the introduction of joyous, continue to challenge or succumbing to you to dust.

the first two days of this semester, and then on the third day of the semester, study pressure will gradually increase. On one hand, with the increase of graphic calculations, functions of learning, mathematics course is relatively more difficult; the other, schools in order to leave some time for exam review, new teaching time compression, making little chewing and digestion time of new knowledge. At this time, the mathematical study of polarization is more intensified.

this spring, do you plan? Is which end of the poles? Teachers can help you better plan, help you to subdivide what knowledge should give you "chop" point to help you digest; help you expand on your knowledge, learn more "tasty".

interesting study, big difference!


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