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A, three major factors affecting exam success

(a) third spring learning time and learning pace of panic, not knowing how to learn!

(b) the Foundation problems difficult to take out!

(c) raising questions difficult to get high grades!

Second, the solution

spring class three keys to helping children to solve all problems!

(a) one of the three keys: to the children of Noah's Ark!

       teachers for each child's specific circumstances, for psychological adjustment plan and learning plan, keep the children busy and not random!

(b) three keys to two: to catch-based children's magic!

teachers for each child's specific circumstances and the mid-term exam exam is given appropriate solutions:

        careless who taught him how to pay attention to detail!

        nervous, and taught him how to boost confidence!

        was not steady, teach him how to arrange knowledge, knowledge tree!


(c) three keys to number three: give children overcome difficulties of secret weapons!

        narrative of the last question, how to analyze the place deserves full marks? Teachers tell you!

        expository practice questions, how to contact the reality deserves full marks? Teachers tell you!

        essays and argument skills how to grasp the full mark? Teachers tell you!

       how to have true feelings out to out your composition? Teachers tell you!


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