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first, sign up now is late?

     has the strongest teachers, they are familiar with the college entrance exam questions, good at Chinese college entrance examination review module, the "classical Chinese reading skills" and "trilogy of appreciation of ancient poems" "modern interpretation of title law" "composition structured writing method" an exhaustive research and unique topics such as teaching, teaching achievements, by the majority of candidates are welcome. Remedy for every student in a short time, quickly! If you, at any time it is never too late!

Second, the proposed height of the coup?

   counseling, extensive coverage, highly specific, each student can find magic! Because counseling has the following advantages:

①    breaking geographic boundaries:

II    no matter where you come from, all available here on demand, find directions!   

II broke the textbook version of limitations

     test center as the key link, knowledge systems nets, individuality and commonness into in a stove, regardless of which city, which the city of students could learn anything at all! -Quickly!

③ broke the grade and level differences

scientific method of thinking, each aspect examination room of the high school students have found a secret weapon!

③    answers a question as a patterned

in questions of language for the sign, to solution steps for key collection is easy to learn and practice exactly in one, top peak. You can! I can! He can!

third, where can I find a teacher? When you can listen to teach? How much time?

basics                  proposed class:     one: 8-14 class   

title reading modern          proposed class:     one: 8-20 class      

appreciation of ancient poems three steps          suggested class:     one: 6-12 class      

three, problem solving tips-classical       proposed class:     one: 8-12 class     

structured writing method of composition            proposed class:     one: 8-18 class      

reading research and extension            suggestions class:     one: 2-6 hours

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