Free tutors hold up tomorrow's Sun

Recently, the Central civilization Office, Ministry of Civil Affairs, China disabled persons ' Federation awarded East of Jiujiang vocational and University the compassion family Association 2010-2015 "national demonstration base of voluntary handicap." Demonstration bases of the national total of 50 honoured for Jiujiang vocational University is the only handicap is commended voluntary demonstration base in Jiangxi province. &Nbsp;

East of Jiujiang vocational and University classes love family Association is an organization of college students. For many years, over more than 300 volunteers from 17 communities hundreds of needy families, offers free tutoring services to children with disabilities. Curious, we approached the legendary student societies.  

love family Association  

one day in March 2006, a national model worker Xu Xiangdong received a strange phone call, is a class of Jiujiang vocational and university level 05 telecommunications Shi Zhiyi's College students. Said he heard East to help a needy families after children's stories are very moved and impressed, and eastward to discuss starting a free tutoring organization. After Shi Zhiyi has handicap and his classmates set up a volunteer service, providing free tutoring service for families with disabilities. East and think this is a good idea, superior families of children can tutor teacher, children from poor families also need tutoring instruction. Community care and support of the students to the East and Shi Zhiyi, founded the "love tutor class Association to the East".  

Association was first established, only dozens of volunteers. Assistance depends on volunteers to find, Civil Affairs Bureau, Education Bureau and community are the object of their search.  

Xiong Ran, a poor family of disabled boy, he was infected with some kind of congenital diseases. He often from small to large body sweating, excessive sweating can cause a high fever and constantly. In this case, xiaoran mothers to take care of him, not to lay down their work, accompany xiaoran school, after school, always taking care of small. Love tutor through the community aware of this situation, take the initiative to contact parents of small, offered mentoring small fall courses. Not only that, the volunteers insisted young parents to make a phone call in the morning and asked xiaoran, adhere to the Sentinel for the xiaoran tutoring. Whether it be wind and rain, is the Sun, never stopped.  

Shi Zhiyi and his classmates love action has been recognized by society, more and more students to join the team of volunteers. Since its establishment in 2006 to today, has over more than 300 volunteers have joined to the love family services team. In the tutoring services they provide tutoring services, including psychological counseling. They are not only the children's teacher, but also their friend, "buy some small gifts for children, with children from going out of play. These do not need to ask, the volunteers will do. " 

obligations of tutor's pains and Gan  

despite loving volunteers cavity blood, love tutor Association volunteers provide free tutoring, but will encounter not to cope with the situation.  

"love tutor, not only love, you also need patience. "Yu Peiqin 09 volunteers when it comes to my love tutor experience instant:" after joining the family Association, I accepted the first students, it's a girl. First started tutoring is making good progress, and I am pleased. Later, I found that students did not start so behaved. Before I took over, she can freely play every weekend. I went to the back, she's going to learn over the weekend. Fresh after her naughty naughty habit came out, and even had a backlash. " 

Yu Peiqin said: "there were times I wanted to give up. Sometimes I think, I didn't receive a reward, why should the gas. But when open meetings, listening to other volunteers tutor speech before they found out they encountered problems more difficult than I, has produced a sigh, ' I was very happy. ' Then I changed the teaching methods every time to play with her for a while. In the course of play, learning to integrate into the game today. This method is very effective, she finally accepted me. " 

when it comes to their family stories, volunteers said most were: total Rainbow after the rain. "Maybe other people don't believe you at first to accept you, but success is not in when everyone else gives up, and we still insist on? "A volunteer graduate wrote in his words, and this is where all the volunteers ' voices.  

love the torch  

realization of love passed, not just blood, you need persistence and perseverance to ensure quality supervision. Current Association President Yang Dongrong 08 basic education college student, inheritance to ensure that the torch of love, love tutor Association developed a rigorous selection and monitoring system to ensure volunteers will provide students with a quality service.  

first is the selection of volunteers. Because the volunteers are college students who have tasks to complete. And junior faces looking for work and a variety of grading prepared. In order to ensure the quality of love tutor, every college student volunteers will only need to provide one year of love tutor services, sophomore second semester to withdraw volunteers services team, replaced by freshman. So every freshman, love tutor associations need to recruit 60 or so new volunteers, but every 600 to 500 people signed up. In order to ensure high quality of volunteers into love tutor needs to undergo a rigorous assessment of the Association. Love tutor also has established conduct and discipline, not regular visits to service families, learn about volunteer tutoring services, and the needs of families in difficulty, trying their best to, people with disabilities and the difficulties to mobilize social forces to help the family. As support for the Association, University of Jiujiang vocational Association every year allocated 10,000 yuan of special funds for helping needy families.  

tutoring service now love tentacles also reached more communities in need of help. Sun Village is a year in the Poyang Lake point help object. Four of Jiujiang, many migrant children studying here, most of them poor. In November 2009, love tutor in association with Jiujiang IV signed the teacher assistant program, provide volunteer teachers to help these children every weekend, for their tuition and sports organizations. The barracks, some soldiers wanted to go into a military school to enhance their quality, but suffer from the lack of a systematic review of. 2010 love tutor associations help the agreement with zone fire fighting team, test counseling for them ... ...  

volunteer Yeung said that some children's homes are very poor. A bed, a table, kitchen comprises a home. But even in such conditions, their hearts still have a passion to learn. Huang Siqi Sun village children said "Big Brothers Big Sisters has taught us many things, have their concerns, we are very happy. " 

under the selfless dedication of volunteers, I believe the torch of love will spread far, torch of love is burning brightly.


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