Network tutors quietly heating up

New school year started on the right track, but a lot of children there are emotions of anxiety and fear, "Oh, can't keep up with the new school year ... ..." helplessness and "winter really is still very far away from it! "Between voices frequently appears in the children's speech, similarly, holidays and academic interface also make it a headache for parents – to play too, and don't come back; holiday makeup and do not meet the purpose of work and rest, parents and students between the two inevitably also creates a lot of friction and conflict. &Nbsp;

now, a new way of parenting seems to be gradually make up for holiday balance and learning problems. This past holiday, a considerable number of students choose distance education, that is, stay home, via a video online and complete their education and guidance by the teacher. Hunan province Huaihua City a middle school second 3 class of Wu students, through this reality interactive of network teaching method, each late class two hours, not only ahead of preview has new semester of lessons points, also with parents to Dalian tourism one week, he of parents on this fresh of "personal tutor" is satisfaction, "carry with Shang computer, as long as has network, even is tourism also can on time tutorial lessons. "  For network technology on traditional tutor brings of change, senior education experts Xu teacher SUMMARY think, network real-time interactive teaching has four advantage: a is convenient worry, parents and students without again worried out lessons of hold blocking and security, while also solution has teaching environment environment--imagine no than House home in the more comfortable of class conditions has; II is teachers excellent, while, network teaching platform collection has from Beijing the big well-known elementary and middle schools of line excellent teachers, even is small has fame of education experts, Parents according to students need, can named requirements teachers class, addition not only teachers of information and lesson plans online can check, parents even can sit courses, this in traditional of tutor mode Xia hard achieved; three is save time, for academic heavy of students for, save Xia of valuable time can any arrangements wonderful of entertainment life; last, for parents for, saves has many link of network tutor, undoubtedly is price most generous of education select.  

according to incomplete statistics, as of August this year, select the network education of students in the tutoring market again in the 3%, and after the summer holidays, many summer courses of the students still choose to renew, this easy tutorial mode has become a useful complement to the many children are full-time courses.  

for network tutor of continued warming, China network education authority experts, and Yi Di education network founder Jiao Yabo Mr think, network interactive education of rise, stems from its technology advantage of quickly highlights, "reality online teaching platform, makes education resources using maximize, through network of transmission way to for teaching; learning behavior independent of, learning who can without stuck Yu class, also without fixed time, as long as has energy and time, on can at any time to learning knowledge; teaching management automation, After learning homework, papers, tasks, and so on, are made directly to students and teachers in the system dialog, breaking down geographical barriers and so on. "He also pointed out that network tutors in the summer coaching advantage is only a small part of, along with the educational needs of students are increasing, which may even be bound in full-time education, become a fixed external added," while we teach enterprise, how sophisticated the technology, how strong teachers, how wide it will market the Blue Ocean. ”


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