Good "tutors" find a learning Web site increasingly popular

Let the child have made great strides in the new term, many parents brains, buy books, take prep courses classes, tutoring, and so on, but in the face of various kinds of remedial classes, reference books, as well as the uneven standards of tutors, parents suffering difficulty is often hard to bear fruit. &Nbsp;

education experts say children learn skills ultimately emphasized three abilities: autonomous learning, cooperative learning and inquiry learning abilities, mastering these three, in order to cope with problems in learning.

according to the survey, there are now 90% children daily contact with and use of the network, children tend to look up through the network information, doing homework, prep. Child personality, hobbies and learning design Web sites are increasingly popular. Lin up the first two days of this year, said Philip often land themselves into q/a network, the site attracted him, is its multidisciplinary knowledge combined with the characteristics of students a wide range of interests, and design a variety of fun games, also keep friends and interactions, ask the teacher for help resolving yourself inadvertently learned a lot of knowledge in a fun, benefit.

it is understood that Philip teachers online FAQ answers network is a professional fast-features interactive learning site, now teachers have tens of people, Service trainees million, industry-leading level answers to questions related to speed. In the just-ended line "Super Network" camp features activities, students not only able to participate in interactive games to get knowledge, experiences to share interactive fun, and through its own knowledge to win Ipad, iPhone and other attractive prizes. In order for students to achieve the summer one and the smooth transition for the new term, Philip answering network continues to operate "the new semester began training camp, this innovation has been praised not only received the support of the children and won a lot of praise from teachers and parents.

a senior teacher said in Beijing, Philip went through answering network, Web content and learning has a strong scientific. In games and interactive learning, not only stimulate autonomous learning ability of children, also can develop a child's sense of cooperative learning, teacher online answer can improve thinking ability of children explore, help your child find, correct learning methods, science rigorous thinking, eventually increasing the effect of students ' learning abilities.

more and more parents support child locks the learning site to do personal "tutor", experts predict, future Philip represented through continuous learning website answering network optimization and development, will be the traditional "tutor" strong competitors.


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