Tutoring for their children what the right

Say that tutoring is not Chinese. In the United States, private tutoring for school education is an important form of compensation. It is estimated that the United States every year, millions of students, due to various reasons, such as academic backwardness, with special talents or needs, physical or mental disability, and so on, needs a tutor to help.

United States educational staff in order to improve the United States good approaches to education, has done some education experiments. They found that reducing class sizes, is to extend students ' learning time in school, are more effective than providing proper tutoring for students. Research results show that the daily 20 minute tutoring students, after a month of language and math scores have been significantly improved.

people may ask why tutoring effective? does any family can bring on the learning progress? to answer this question, we need to look at what is the tutor.

tutors may or may not be taught at home, and it can take many different forms. Schools can organize after-school students to tutoring centers to learn, of course, teachers can also go to the homes of students to teach. But researchers told us that regardless of how the form as a tutor, it can have a positive effect is the main reason was a tutor teacher and conduct one-on-one student teaching.

because it is one good teacher will be able to complete before the student's strengths, weaknesses and needs, tailor, and individualized, and large classes are completely different. Domestic primary school of less that 30 students in a class, more than 60 people, classes, good teachers also could not attend, but can not take into account the level and needs of all students in the class. Especially in the current domestic studies under the pressure of competition, and many teachers have to do our utmost to guarantee excellent students, students in graduation rates. In the same class, there will be students find it difficult, so-called slow drift of differentiation, and suitable tutors are likely to make up for this problem.

why should emphasize appropriate tutor? this is because the tutors that the form itself is not the child's academic progress that the correct content and effective tutoring tutoring methods, is the key to success. Compared to the earlier we talked about the family education and teaching, its strength is that it can to their aptitude and teaching for individual students ' strengths and needs. If a family of teachers ' classroom teaching methods and contents, to transplant to the tutor to, its effect will be greatly reduced.

so how can parents know the tutor is sufficient? education experts made the following recommendations:

first, make sure the tutor is in the form of one-to-one. Many of the existing tutorial stations often still on course, or a tutor and teach three or four students, which gives home advantage is greatly compromised. This actually is is simple of arithmetic, assumes that each tutor counselling for one hours, if a teachers only taught a children, this children on can get 60 minutes of individual counselling; but if this teacher while taught 3 a children, average down each children only get not to 20 minutes of individual note, this regardless of from time Shang also is from economic Shang, are not most deal of.

regardless of the study is to let the child go to the tutoring Center, is also home to tutor, had hardly begun when the parents should take the time to observe teachers ' interactions with their children. Due to the form of tutoring is one-on-one in between two people, the relationship between these two people is consistent with similar interests, interest, bad character, will affect the learning effect.

of course, the hiring of teachers on children's thinking and actions change, whether teaching flexibly according to the circumstances, independent, and persuasive, it is also very important factors. In a certain sense, tutoring is a child than knowledge high, communication, friends seize educational opportunities, rather than looking for a serious, rigid, traditional. A good family education not only to his (her) students to impart knowledge, more important is that he (she) will inspire wisdom, stimulate learning motivation and to develop children's confidence, let the children enjoy learning.

identify good home teacher is actually very easy, because they all have some common characteristics in teaching. Such as having children through various forms, hands-on to reinforce learned concepts and like a child is experiencing problems, are not eager to give answers, but implied by further questioning there, encouraging and supporting children's independence of mind and praise your child's progress, and so on in a timely manner, which is to help parents understand the important factors and evaluation of tutor.


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