Whether paid tutor right from wrong

Have received the masses, individual primary and secondary schools serving serious breaches of professional ethics of teachers, organized training for students without classes, working part time in social training institutions should take charge, even in paid tutoring or charge information and seriously damages the image of teachers. To strengthen supervision, discipline, educational administrative departments at all levels will continue to increase for primary and middle school teachers management and supervision, and welcome students from all walks of life and parental supervision.  

education sector will strictly implement implementation Province Department of education on vigorously carried out ethics education ban elementary and middle schools teachers engaged in paid tutor of notification and the City Bureau on is strictly prohibited elementary and middle schools on-the-job teachers engaged in paid tutor of views, and Dongying City Elementary and middle schools teachers behavior specification "eight to", and "eight no" code and the disciplinary processing provides, file spirit, is strictly prohibited school and teachers forced, and mobilization, and hinted or introduced students accept various form of paid tutor, participate in various form of school, and courses,, Teacher to student fees information is strictly prohibited, prohibited teachers in student-oriented social training institutions held paid part-time or regimental level, teachers are not allowed to organize or conduct various forms of external classes, training courses, and so on.


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