"Science and technology tutors" step broken door

In recent years, associated expert, Professor in zhongtaizhen and farmers more and more. They are active in the fields, guiding farmers make use of technology and embarked on the road to get rich. According to statistics, there were hundreds of people active in the fields of science and technology throughout the County.  

     lingtai implementing "technology xingxian" strategy, relying on scientific and technological training, improving farmers ' quality of science and technology, promote the rapid development of the rural economy. But with the development of market demand, adjust the industrial structure of agriculture, new varieties and new technologies continue to emerge, some farmers deeply "skill", not from the heart, they have come home experts, professors, to learn new technologies. Some of these farmers under the unified organization of the town or village, since foreign wealth expert or agricultural University of science and technology experts, professors or seedlings which will remain for some time, or by telephone, correspondence and solve technical problems. Agricultural technicians have hired this town, weekends and holidays to teach skills, field guide, and employ their native lands have the skills of "indigenous experts", "scholar", the "indigenous experts" scholar "guidance more directly, they give farmers Guide, edge guide edge technical experience.  

     zhongtaizhen Vang Pao Yang Cun farmers employ jingyang, Shaanxi Fan Xiaolong experts as "Science and technology tutors", the fan experts often came to the village to help farmers solve problems in fruit production, and deep into the vegetable greenhouse as a field guide, organize technical seminars. Asked up technology training Hou of changes, by "technology tutor" Ben Shang rich road of vegetables specialist Wang Yulin happy to said: "thanks to has these experts help, we of days only increasingly good"   currently, lingtai technology Commissioner venture action has in 13 a Xiang (town), and 86 a village implementation, involved of village number accounted for County of 92% above, to technology Commissioner for relies on, cumulative promotion agricultural new varieties 28 a, application agricultural technology 21 items, introduction training farmers 33,000 passengers.


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