Change-children synchronization

Daughter fell in love with riding a bike a while ago. In her many times under the beg, I agreed to go with her kindergarten. She was very happy, immediately release the news to her friends, kept praising her have a considerate mother. &Nbsp; 

morning time is tight, and her ride is so worried. Each time you go with her, I always unconsciously told her: "you come, so slowly! "" Can you pedal faster! Going to be late! "" So slow, we had to cancel the ride! "In order to continue this activity that has just begun, her daughter had to speak, speed up the pedal frequency. Not long after, daughter take the initiative declared: "MOM, can we ride again in future! Your car is a great round, and my car is that the ferry! No matter how hard I always catch up with you! I don't want to chase you! " 

watching a child with tears in eyes, hearing children wrong but words, my heart was trembling in shock! Yes, an adult requires riding a big wheel car riding a small car cars child and yourself at the same time to complete the same journey, how unfair and illogical! A growing child are easily understood way, do those of us "smart, wisdom, is always right" parents is so difficult to understand? However, in everyday life, things like this has happened frequently in the us, the parents.  

adults walk has its own frequency and pace, but children also have their own coordinated action track. Their bodies are not strong enough, progress is not too large, only at the appropriate rate "action", will make them feel comfortable and satisfied. And we parents do? Often unconsciously treated by adult standards in the development of children, with adults "can no longer simply" request urging walking child. We forget, step and the adult is not the same as the child's education, they go the speed limit! The same way, children must give more time than adults, consuming more energy to complete. At the urging of too tight, they can "transcend" completed certain requirements for adults, but often are interested in dull, tired! And parents have complained, with anger!  

when we hold the child's hand while walking to slow their speed to children.


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