"Tutor" the limits of

Shang period we said of, a a people is formed is different from Yu others of (including personality, and learning capacity, and creative potential, and on others feel of sensitivity, and and people interactive of tendencies and so on) of characters (behavioral traits), about has half from gene genetic; in another half collectively for "environment" of factors in, family situation accounted for has which of half, and family yiwai of big situation (social culture, factors) accounted for has remaining of one-fourth. In order to facilitate understanding, the structure of the 50%-25%-25%, into pretty rough, of course, have telescopic for adjustment   (like a lot of people believe that IQ 40%-75%  genetically determined). But as far as education is concerned, it is the basic message of, first, the result of a long evolution, human (brain) is far from a blank slate,;  cannot be reshaped, unlimited education II, cast of character and wisdom acquired, genetic factors is decisive. However talent (not all is desirable) and realization, especially how to be recognized by society and market, which is often the "talent", it is a process of socialization (socialization) and environmental significance to three, in the process of socialization, personality and interpersonal interaction skills are mostly individual acquisition, rather than being taught. Child partners Group (peer group) are usually more than family.

these three messages, and judgement of the basic framework has always been controversial, and even constituted "denounce" basis, often hurt by encirclement and suppression efforts (charges of "eugenics", "racist", "genius", "education", and so on).

first of all, who is white, is to daub on "best picture", or erase the existing content and then rewrite "the latest word"? This problem has been fought. Race evolution after millions of years, especially the last 100,000 years, and development to the present, the brain has already set, and unlikely to change. In case of severe mutation of the human brain, the result is negative, such as organ deformation, such as cancer. Archaeology and cultural anthropology have accumulated sufficient evidence, 5,000 years since the human brain thinking ability and not much progress. Modern and Socrates, I compared to people of that era, and not necessarily smarter. If you use a computer analogy, then one's mental skills like computing ability, have been decided by chip and route combinations. Load some software functions only increased the marginal improvements.

in education, makes sense, too. Even to a child, at the micro-level, raising can only make. Based on an ancient Chinese values, the beginning of life, nature is good, and tend to be found "innocent heart" Peter White pure. In fact, any mother, just calmly observing and comparing one's own or a neighbor's baby, children are infinitely malleable criticizes such reservations.

Second, the child's personality development must interact with social conditions, thousands of years ago, she realized this truth, even though she can't read. His mother saw his son's Playmates down small Ke, knew that "moved" is the best policy. Create the home of "excellent" environment than good habitat. By environment interaction, instead of the usual so-called parent tutors, Meng Kecai Mencius.

modern research has confirmed the mother's logic: peer circles of influence on the formation of personality in school children (the so-called peer pressure), larger than the family and parenting. This layer is found may disappoint many young parents: children are born to me, certainly in my shape. Parents looked at their cute little baby ambition wells up, determined to foster a little genius.

but few thought that my spouse is my chosen, alter that "other half", and how confident? Children are not of their own choosing, was born naturally brings his own nature, although half of your genes, but how the genes and the other half with, but no longer is what you can control, or you can rebuild any of. Recall the siblings, grew up on a roof, personality differences as large as other children from different families.

to know if parenting is productive, "do not teach" incomplete "parent (mother)." Understanding the "tutor" has its limits, it will be easier to maintain a balanced attitude, both for their hard and also reduce pressure to distort the nature of child. Parental responsibility although significant, are limited. What parents can do, is to create the conditions, displayed a child-and to maximize a child's potential, and pool their potential to enrich their own lives and of abundance where human well-being.

tutoring and peer circles, which is in the process of children's socialization, a larger weight? Usually both highly mixed, which more difficult respectively. These two factors are effective methods of separating and is observed when the same individuals migrated to the new environment is how to accept different practices. The 80 's of the last century domestic life to study in North America, offer excellent weapons test sites.

the Chinese mainland students, over the age of 30 many of their families, children at the age of four to ten in the United States, many had no contact with English and foreign cultures. A surprisingly common observation is that the kids accents, and tastes change, change quickly even before the parents aware. Taste and accents are two of the most solid habits, people close to adults, once the habit is hard to change. Based on the author's experience, starting from elementary school learning Mandarin, students also have received Putonghua competition the national first and second prize. But until today I of Beijing's airport, in a cab about a few words, the driver will say, you are from Shanghai. Until today, I went to Shanghai will eat pie fritters and salted bean curd pulp, and enjoy that. However the children to United States Hou, it doesn't take six tastes and accent has changed.


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