Summer watch out for "hidden tutor"

Recently, the "tacit tutor" become a hot summer complaints from parents. Ning consumer protection Committee reminds consumers that "tacit tutor" lack of qualifications, poor teaching conditions, choose carefully.

     summer vacation, many students ' parents are looking for schools for their children. So, a number of primary and secondary school teachers, or college students will seize the opportunity to recruit students, most of them are taught in their own homes or in rented houses, known as "tacit tutor". Because the teachers and students of teaching levels, often caused dissatisfaction and complaints from parents.

     the current "hidden tutor" is a personal act, no restrictions management institutions and mechanisms, to that end, the County consumer protection Committee reminded, when students or their parents in the choice of courses, qualification should be the identification of training institutions for more information about to sign an agreement by the provisions, commitments and refund mechanism. Application training to request an invoice, and enrollment information by keeping training institutions, in the event of dispute, can the credential rights.  

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