When the tutoring of half term has not been a penny paid

Tutoring of half term, parents don't give money to the grounds of dissatisfaction, originally by oral agreement without a written credentials, which makes summer work-study program of college students ate yabakui. Reporter found that 100% summer part-time student did not sign the agreement or contract. Lawyers warned that part-time students the summer although not establishing a relationship within the meaning of the labour code, but you can still enter into a written agreement to protect their rights and interests.

on the East Campus of Shandong University, many students choose to stay in school. Reporters interview some of the students studying in the school yesterday was informed that summer job tutoring classmates in number, mainly want to earn a bit of pocket money a subsidy. Recently, a reporter contact child-parent who wanted to tutor students, the student said over the phone, he has a wealth of experience, had read his senior year he vacations every year tutor. Reporters learned that junior high school students in Zibo college students tutoring prices are about 20 Yuan per hour, high school students is about 30 yuan/hour.

visited in the process, the reporter asked about the summer job tutoring will sign a written contract issues with parents, none of whom signed agreements and contracts with parents. "Parents are very good, generally supposed good pay, unless I met parents of particularly picky", a university student told reporters that the side was also a classmate who had been fooled, counselling for children half a semester but the parents refused on grounds of not satisfied with giving money, but under the students ate yabakui, and ultimately didn't get a penny.

Shandong zhicheng law firm Zhengda Zou Mingqing lawyer said, according to China's labor law, college student vacation tutor, because it does not conform to the law of labor qualification, making college students and was counselling parents does not form a legal relationship within the meaning of the labour code. However, students can enter into a written agreement or contract with parents, agreed time and price as a tutor, so that when faced with problems, their rights can be effectively guaranteed. Meanwhile, Zou Mingqing suggested that college students tutor the best consultation with parents, and labor day with immediate settlement.


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