Tutor hot choices for the new term has always

As the new term begins, many parents begin to seek remedial teaching and tutoring for children, making this hot college students tutor beginning. However, reporters found, many parents choose a tutor very blind. Parents in choosing a tutor, you should pay attention to what issues? In this regard, the reporter interviewed a number of school teachers. &Nbsp;

the teacher recommendations: first, whether or not private tutoring for their children, should not ignore the child's classroom learning at school. You know, tutor classroom lecture supplement can not completely replace the class, if it lies in a tutor who will children's study, is cart before the horse, would bring a negative impact. Secondly, parents do not want to see their child grades is eager to arrange tutoring for children, if properly communicate with children, let them come up with solutions, much much better than relying on tutors, cultivate children's ability of independent thinking, after all, is the way to improve performance. Third, the tutor's role is mainly to teach problem-solving ideas and solve problems, memory and practice should not occupy too much time. Finally, parents not to try, or forced to tutor children proposed performance requirements, as long as both sides properly, the improvement was a matter of. Please boys and girls, how much money class fee, it is not a big problem.

in addition, the current rise of 1-on-1 tutoring from tutor was replaced to a large extent, because the place of relatively centralized, secure and maximize their aptitude, and springing up in 1-on-1 coaching, but a large number of institutions, cohabitation, parents should be more careful while selecting.


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