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Accusations of child less, son's merits instead of the family game let love wandering child class no longer wander; unified family attitudes to children having a family meeting the most effective daughter "screwed" turned out to be because the mother owes six years of love ... ... As an important part of establishing national civilized cities, Scientology, no doubt each family indispensable nutrients in cultivating the flower of happiness. Recently, this reporter provides tutor training for millions of parents from the Guangdong provincial women's Federation "family link" parents ' school was informed that many families in Guangzhou, because changing the education method, making many "problem" children no longer have "problems". Now cited several "problem" cases, hoping to give the parents some inspiration for a headache.


blame less   her good

in the eyes of Peng Rui, son of a rebel from the grades five or six. She even took the child to seeking psychological counseling, experts say children no problem is parents who have problems, she is somewhat disagree. As the son entered junior high school, the mother-child relationship is a potential of fire and ice. Her son for son's education is facing increasing resistance.

she felt were the end was, after her son went to high school, and often she is finds tracking son's son's puppy love. Irrational move because she ran to the girl's House, son started the cold war with her, fully two months didn't say a Word with their parents.

tutoring through parent school experts words make her admit: "holding a shield, because you're holding a spear in his hand. To child shield down, you must first lay down their spears. ”

she realized that her son was puppy love because of bad relations with her parents, husband and also affect the relationship between a parent and child relationship. "All in all, are also parents of children indirectly. "Peng Rui began to change. She slowly learned to control their emotions, she didn't always like a woman complaining about her son, she even tried to change their character and temperament, learning tolerance to his son, no longer blindly blame the children, and begin to praise your child as much as possible.

slowly, she was surprised to find that her accusations of child less, son of the advantage is more up, the relationship between mother and son began to break the ice.

story two:

family games   love wandering child "got away"

11 years old, the son of John rawling Todd, in her eyes, my son is a "poor grades, job three-four with my mother are not close to" child. She said she also did not know how to teach the children well.

so, she walked into the schools for parents. On the advice of experts, her relationship with her son grew up, sons began to tell her the truth. Once the son finally told her "the truth", but he also wanted to concentrate on the lecture, but I just can't concentrate attention, listening to run to God, they want to control can not control, I do not know how well.

expert analyses told her children into such a phenomenon may be related to a child's upbringing have certain relations. Sure enough, her son has been brought up by nannies, inactivity, resulting in disorders of the hand and foot function, one of the reasons that contributed to his lack of attention.

what is good? Blind children is certainly not to blame.

she realized that only parents can help children overcome the difficulties of participation. She chose a family game. Poker game with her son, helped him focus and responsiveness; she often played table tennis game with my son, to help him improve anti-jamming ability; and often play with my son a few beans, maze, put together jigsaw puzzles, games, and son training focus.

said John rawling Todd, she had developed a detailed game plan, spend half an hour playing games with children. "And sure enough, in the final meeting, teacher reflection, and children classes focus much better, also has a great deal of progress. ”

story three:

have a family meeting   unified attitude of parents of young children

have a lovely daughter Yun Xiao said her distress comes from the three adults in the home, there are three types of education. She was relaxed, no pressure she felt elementary school learning, grades, but her Lord Shiva is vigorous advocated strict education, granddaughter, and her husband was rocking, and sometimes patience, sometimes violent.

"in front of her, we seem to be consistent, but in fact three of them and the requirements of a different way. This boy was very happy. "She said," everyone thinks their way is the best way to educate children. ”

she went to the family source for the parents after the school found, past a lot of education is not scientific. "To resolve problems disagreement in family education, to first change myself," she said, problems, I began to learn to meditate on their own do not place, instead of complaining about others first, "think well, joint consultation with the family. ”

she said family problems now will calmly sit down and have a family meeting to discuss solutions and consistent approach in dealing with children.

let her surprise is that when we all make changes, kids, was also happy, my husband's confidence has also increased, "the quality of life of the family ' magic ' to improve. ”

story four:

mothers compensate for   to let his daughter into school life

one day in May last year, filled with frustrating Chen Ruisu add to tutor online schools for parents. She said her daughter elementary school, twist, temper with my mom, will throw the laundry downstairs. She did not buy the teacher's account, the test didn't write a Word, do not pay. MOM and dad are no less to beat her.

"a family problem, the root cause is that the parents their problems. "Expert analysis that got her thinking.

she finds out that daughter's problem is actually her own. Because the daughter born to primary school before she really hasn't been much to be with daughter, my Grandma, Grandpa, Grandma. Primary school before, back to their parents.

Chen Ruisu decided love owed her daughter six years back. Slowly, the boys, 1.1 points, began to believe that a mother's love, more and more intimate relationship with his mother.

magic was, picks up when parent-child relationship, also a good relationship with her teacher and classmates. Although still have "personality", but daughter into school life.

make her feel bad is that the daughter is constantly testing the parents of her love is true. Chen Ruisu believe she must win her daughter's trust.

story five:

father's participation in   son grew is less rebellion

Sun Yi-color distress was the rebellious son out of four grade. However, she is unexpectedly, his son rebelled was because of absence of the parent to teach.

under the guidance of experts, she started looking for a variety of educational philosophy and her son's father to share and Exchange, she read on the Internet or the reality encountered in the family, all for analysis with him. That really work.

the father of the child is beginning to turn, and begin raising a son with her, and play with his son, because father is increasingly participated in family activities and family, son gradually is less rebellion.


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