How to find a tutor

Here is to alert parents when looking for a tutor for the children to pay attention to the following:

     first of all, family mediation after the designated teacher for child, must undergo an interview. at interviews, but not as serious as recruitment. parents can tutor chat aimed at teacher's mannerisms to understand as a person, character, etc;

     generally tutor teacher are is parents for children looking for, but interview is just between teacher and parents, more important of is children must participation. so, last is, is most important of is: must to let children and teacher separate along one hours around. accurate to said, parents and children on tutor teacher of interview should called lecture, in lecture in the children and teacher separate for teaching communication, In they exchange of process in the children on can feel out the teacher of taught way whether suitable himself, while also let teacher on children of learning situation has understand. once teacher determine zhihou, he and children in a long-term separate teaching communication of process, so teacher of explained thought children whether accept and teacher and children of character whether integration is two in looking for tutor process in the worth note of problem.

     believes that parents follow the above points will certainly be able to find a most suitable tutor for kids!

     in parents for children found tutor Hou, also a has worth note of problem: that is left children is free of time. holiday lessons, for children make up Shang falls of courses or consolidation strengthening learning is good of idea, but also is should let children strike, after all is in belongs to they of holiday, should left they some free of time let they do himself like of thing.


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