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Student learning is divided into active and passive learning two kinds of active learner, the learning process is a process of inquiry, active learning, learning is a very interesting and enjoyable activities, learning efficiency is high, needed several times to learn the content, as long as he can. Passive learner, due to missing from the study to explore the spirit of class and do the work every day in a passive state, thus learning is boring, this one more time to learn things, and take several times longer. Now the school teacher is teaching still mainly in traditional, teacher student, relative time between each section, students struggle with, leaving relatively few students freedom to learn, time to think, only way to change from passive to active students only learning after class.

class Hou learning is a to students mainly of learning, main including do job, do practice,, is a up more than 10 years of basically daily are some behavior, in this process in the will produced some habits, psychology home research showed that: If a behavior daily are in do, so 21 days to three months this behavior on will formed habits, so students of more than 10 years, four thousand or five thousand days of class Hou learning will formed a habits, these habits not good habits is bad habits. For example, not complete tasks in a timely manner is dragging its feet on completing learning tasks, not accustomed to summary is not to summarize, that there have been two very different results. Good habits can improve learning ability and academic achievement of natural, on the contrary, lack good results are not too good. Fact, habit, associated with life, good habits, and less bad habits, humans would have the capability of distinction, and is likely to affect the person's fate, in this process, timely solutions to their problems, a high level of inspiration, to improve the quality of learning, develop good study habits have an important role. Intelligent tutoring the King has obvious advantages in this regard.

after-school study reflects a "learn by doing" point of view, most of the time is "problem based learning", that is: to learn knowledge through problem-solving. "Learning by doing" and problem-based learning are leading students to learn advanced educational concepts.

"learning by doing" is the United States philosopher and educator John Dewey's theory of teaching the main idea, "learning by doing" is the essence of a hands-on, observation and reflection in practice in order to realize new knowledge. Dewey's "learn by doing" theory in the 19 century and was popular in the early 20th century in Europe and the primary and secondary schools.

problem-based learning (Problem-Based Learning, referred to as PBL) first appeared in the mid 1950 of the 20th century from the United States evolved in medical education. After the middle of the 90 's, it was ported to primary and secondary education, and achieved success. Problem-based learning is designed to promote students ' "learning to learn" approach to education.

these education concept focus is based on active learning of efficiency far above passive learning of efficiency this a views, stressed mobilization students independent learning of enthusiasm, need teachers small range near distance Guide, on teachers of level and number has high of requirements, and existing of teaching mode to class indoctrination mainly, students of learning more is passive learning, and due to teacher by taught of students many, energy limited, in students of class Hou learning, and practice process in the, currently also cannot do small range near distance Guide, Not according to each student's characteristics guide students to develop good study habits and improve learning ability and parents without training, without education, experience, so often failed. These educational ideas, there is no condition to a large scale. Now due to the tutoring industry's technological upgrading, tutoring industry automation, advanced educational ideas possible for large scale.

as we all know, is the object of knowledge, especially knowledge of science points, the learning process is like running a marathon, your persistence and accumulation. Requires accumulation of knowledge, form need to accumulate good study habits. Only one counseling, intelligent tutoring the King than the outstanding teacher of counselling, but smart tutor guidance is standard and standard. If students ask intelligent tutor 2 questions a week, a year, there are more than more than 100 questions, taking into account the accumulated effect, intelligent tutoring and guidance is the best, because it not only solve the problem of students, and each question will guide students to improving learning, improving study habits, almost no one can do it. Knowledge, problem solving, higher scores in kids, learning and study habits improved, not only can improve academic achievement, but also improve learning ability. This reflects educational philosophy of maximizing the harvest among the educated.

intelligent tutor counselling King, is to "based on problem learning, and do middle school", concept for oriented development of, is according to tutor activities law and structure out of has must intelligent of automatically tutor system, it can let computer simulation human tutor of work, simulation human problem-solving thinking (meet habits), automatically answers students of problem, to out meet human counselling habits of professional level counselling information. Wang is a product of home automation, intelligent tutoring, coaching standards and standard.

intelligent tutor with its standardized, and standardization, and quality high, and price low advantage has was many people used, from history development of angle see, car, and washing machine, these products, from just began of small scale application, development to now, into has households, tutor also will by artificial to automation, with tutor of automation, based on problem learning, and "do middle school", advanced of education concept also will catch intelligent tutor this trip downwind car, in big range within implementation has variable of May.


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