Modern "private school" alternative schools?

6 o'clock in the morning, people are still sleeping, Hainan guilinyang resort area for a villa area on time the outgoing sound sound, "education", the sound of sounds. Appears in the Hainan Province this is the first modern "private"-Confucius school in Haikou. It is learnt that the children here are the smallest only 2 years old, maximum 10 years, Bible reading code is their main task. Kids worship Confucius portrait, five classics, Tai Chi.

   in the eyes of the parents and the media of the modern "private school", what in the end is what? Why are there individual parents to give up schooling, select "private" education? Modern "private schools" is complementary to modern education is a simple copy of the ancient education? Is the advancement of education or history backwards?

   undercurrent: alternative schools raised concerns

   these names that are similar to the ancient "private" schools, classes for small, nor the total number of students, some of them are registered in the relevant authority for approval, in a secret underground State.

   "Meng Mu Hall" which was called by the media "Shanghai's first full-time ' private school '" modern "school", founded in Songjiang district, Shanghai in 2002. In 2006, because there are no State-approved educational qualifications, pay violations, parents are not state-approved educational institutions school-age children receive compulsory education, in violation of the compulsory education law, "Meng Mu Hall" by Shanghai authorities to stop. But in fact, over the next two years, "Meng Mu Hall" did not close and continuous expansion, in Guangzhou, Xiamen and other places have opened more than one chain of schools, until 2009 was again halted.

   thousands of miles away in Beijing, many modern "private school". According to the China daily, Beijing now has more than 10 primary school Hall, with hundreds of students. Beijing city Northern tiantongyuan and small areas are concentrated in such schools. A few days ago, reporters follow a friend's phone, contact a school to recruit students in reciting the contacts named "Wu", the obvious pseudonym showed operators of covert and alert. Presentations from the other, journalists know that was a similar "Meng Mu Hall" and "private". "We introduced by parents, acquaintances to find students, not introduced acquaintances, no charge. "At the same time promised journalists to take their children to experience a, the other party refused to disclose the name of the school, also has repeatedly called attention to confidentiality.

   in Shenzhen since 2004 's first "private"-Meng Zheng after school, Confucian schools, modest schools, such as more than 10 private schools have emerged, and this number is still in development. Ju Chai school, Wenzhou, Suzhou children affected, Xuzhou Mo Xiang Zhai, also appeared.

   according to investigative journalism, in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other economically developed provinces, but provinces such as Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi and Yunnan, there are also modern "private school" instruction cover kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools. These names that are similar to the ancient "private" schools, classes for small, nor the total number of students, some of them are registered in the relevant authority for approval, in a secret underground State.

   intolerance: chanting the rare all-round development

   modern education requires students ' all-round development, self development, personal development and sustainable development, and the modern "private school" training goals with this deviation, are unable to adapt to the times.

   in "Meng Mu Hall", students of age are arranged in three different classroom. In class, teachers just read Scripture several times at the beginning, students with reading, then the students followed CD reading machine. Teacher uniform teaching time is relatively small, 4/5 of the time were students, reciting the classics was their first lessons. Meng Mu Hall of "teaching plan", the "facts, just read the recitation" as its basic "principles".

   reporter learned that, in many modern "school", "chant" is the main content of teaching, Professor also rhymes, music, calligraphy, tea ceremony, etc. Affected children in Wenzhou, students need to be dressed in ancient Chinese clothes sitting on the futon, portrait of Confucius first worship ceremony, followed by teacher classical reading. In a 3-hour lesson, children read literature, philosophy, history and other aspects of Chinese knowledge, to appreciate the ancient music playing and learn to BREW oolong tea, dining etiquette and so on.

   Education Development Research Center Education Director, researcher Wang Ming, told reporters that the so-called modern "private" can be divided into two categories: first class is a family of "school" is a direct family (this may be called "home school"). Second is school-style "school", the "private" nature clearly has a school or training institution. School-style "school" is divided into two kinds: the first is the nature of the school education, major holidays, weekends and other spare time learning training activities, mainly learning content is the three character classic, the surnames, and enlightenment of Confucian classics such as the thousand character classic. Second is the full-time nature, in the old "school" education alternative school education (including pre-school education, primary education and secondary education), and curriculum based on the traditional Chinese culture.

   and Ministry of Education issued of compulsory education courses set experiment programme in the clear requirements, to according to intellectual, moral and physical beauty, aspects full development of requirements, balanced set courses, the door courses proportion appropriate, and can according to place, and school actual and students of different needs for moderate adjustment, guarantee students harmony, and full development; according to students physical and mental development of law and subject knowledge of inner logic, compulsory education stage nine years has always overall set courses According to the needs of children of different ages and cognitive rules, according to the development of society and the social development of requirements, curriculum from lower grades to higher grades increased.

   Huaian city experimental primary school principal Dai Tong said, called for the all-round development of students, and independent development of modern education, personality development and sustainable development, and the modern "private school" training goals with this deviation, are unable to adapt to the times. Some modern "private" of education mode serious against students physical and mental development law, as a school of time arrangements is: 5:30 up, 5:50 worship Confucius portrait, morning Hou began day of learning, from 6:10 to night 8:40, total 9 section class time, except dinner and rest, left of time full used to reading various studies classic, children are daily to class 8-9 hours, learning way main is reciting. This teaching method, learning children living like a monk of the temple, along with corporal punishment, quasi-military management in education, students ' teachers are not respected but are afraid, which, for minimum 2 years, maximum age of 13 infants and children will have a serious impact, resulting in child trauma and even personality defects.

   lack of reason: hard to give their children a better future

   "private" and "martial art" alternative content behind a single, biased teachers ' level and difficult to monitor, formation of students ' lack of team spirit, the values of public education issues such as environment and atmosphere.

   When asked why schools and modern "private schools", the parents of a school student in Beijing told reporters that she let her daughter go to school here because wants her daughter to ease college entrance exam, exam pressures, children feel the joy of a learning culture, and the freedom to learn.

   reporter found that modern "private" can be found in first-tier cities, and choose "private" lots of parents belonging to culture, with relatively high income levels.

   Huai ' an experimental elementary school recently organized a modern "private" Forum, Symposium invited parents of kindergarten class in a small representative, 1-6 grade school parent representatives. Some parents think the school's class teaching, class scale, tendency to examination-oriented education, students could not receive ideal personalized education. Modern "private school" to some extent, changed the status quo of modern big-class teaching system of school education, a pair of education reflects one or one to three abilities, more individualized education.

   there are also many experts and parents disagree. Deputy Director of the Hebei provincial Department of education Yang Yong believes that contained in traditional Chinese culture and moral aspects of essence and dross, for these forms and contents, which for children, which is not suitable for, need to be screened. Like the five virtues, reject the platform for three, the five permanent members to advocate. Modern "school" of traditional culture to instill in students without screening, such as 24 filial wall picture in the school, which is should be wary of. "Private school" requires every portrait of Confucius on the bow, eat before you close your eyes and read grateful words. Suspicion of these rituals.

   and most of the modern "private school" parents are different, Mr Hau, son chose a martial near the Western hills of Beijing, "school," Hou said: "where children learn martial arts, fitness body. "The martial arts masters do not teach knowledge, reporters" children lack the knowledge to learn how to do "questions, Mr HO said:" good, practicing martial arts. "10 years old child, still do not know how much words can only do simple addition and subtraction.

   "no learning culture, what do kids grow up? "The reporter asked.

   "there's a strength, has a good body, also want to eat? "Graduating from junior high school small successful merchant Mr Hau to answer reporters.

   reporter discovered that "private schools", "martial arts" in education and alternative content, attracting parents, stimulating their children from the idea of test pressure. However, "private", "martial art" alternative content behind a single, biased teachers ' level and difficult to monitor, formation of students ' lack of team spirit, the values of public education issues such as environment and atmosphere.

   central teaching fellows, the education editor of research Gao Baoli believes that modern school to replace "school" is a historical progress, contemporary primary and secondary education is shifting from pure knowledge-centric to cultivate innovation ability as the Center. Children's education is not blind test, a sense of AWE to the development of the next generation. Disadvantages of some parents for school education, impulsive, emotional, not rational love, don't compare your child's future at stake, vigilant, against all expectations.

   into the "private" means completely out of the mainstream of public school education, into a relatively narrow closed position. Children complete "private school" education, to what level of school to continue their education, how to join the unified entrance examination in the region and a unified national college entrance examination. The parents interviewed also felt lost.

   "private" does not replace the school of education, strengthen the guidance of parents and students, strengthen the "private school" and similar educational institution regulation, this is the appeal of education experts told Xinhua in an interview.

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