Family education

How parents should be ideal education for children

Each person as a child will be asked to the question of what to do when she grows up, what is our vision? Issues relating to education in family education is an important topic, parents must be good value for their kids ' education.

1. Ideal   my child in a timely manner;

the purpose of educating children, is to develop their intelligence, develop their talents and serve the community, creating wealth for society. To this end, the children must be timely made ideal requirements.  

as a parent, when ideal request to the child, to deep, layered, not expecting too much. For example, secondary school children have accumulated a certain amount of cultural knowledge, progressive development of personality, interests, have been produced, then parents should proceed from their tastes and feelings, more character development, help them set up the ideal of a professional nature. If the child is a painting enthusiast, then it should be from the perspective of the painting expressed the hope that, and its potential to establish level of expectations: potential small how encouraged he painted landscapes, figure potential would encourage him to be a painter, this is the first level of the ideal. Next, parents will bring their children their ideals and society need to hang hooks, raised to a higher level, that is, with a strong sense of professionalism and a sense of social ideals.  

2. To guide the child  

about experts think, youth ideal development roughly can is divided into 4 a stage: a is ideal development of prepared stage, its features is children put parents of, and teacher of requirements as himself of ideal; II is life ideal stage, is children first independent thinking of ideal, is himself in activities in the produced has interest and vision of ideal; three is career ideal appeared and began development stage, with interest of development, children gradually training up a species hobby, in this based Shang, gradually produced on a species career of yearning for Four is the ideal stage, this is the child abstract thinking develops to a certain level and there is the inevitable result of a certain degree of social experience, it is often associated with personal career aspirations.  

However, these ideals the 4 stages of development and are not separated. For example, phase III children's ideals are my hobby and feel based on personal development, rarely aware of their social responsibilities. Therefore, parents need to be consciously guide the education agenda of belief with scientific beliefs that help children transition from career goals to correct the social ideal.  

3. Attention to individual differences in ideals  

ideal children's level of development, there are also individual differences. The ideal is not the same for boys and girls, is the child of the same age, its ideals are also generally has 4 levels: one is that have high ideals and efforts to fight; the second is ambitious, unrealistic, and three are seeking cost-effective, the pursuit of money; four are not ideal.  

from the aforementioned 4 different levels of ideally, if the child has a lofty ideal and struggle, parents should be encouraged and actively help the child solve encountered difficulties in the realization of the ideal. If ideal for ambitious, unrealistic, you should talk to kids about this ideal cannot be achieved on the harmful effects of life, the children set the lofty ideals, put ideals founded on a realistic basis, foster correct ideals and philosophy. If the child's ideal wish for affordable, parents need to be explicitly put forward the ideal objective of health and guide children to foster correct ideals. If the child is not ideal, parents need to be more examples of great struggle for the ideal, encourage children to burst the spark of ideals.  

4. Using emotion to develop children's ideal  

child is an adolescent, is the most colorful fun, emotional time, parents should hold fast to this characteristic, using emotion to get ideal education. Some parents see their children emotional, emotional excitement, just treat it as not stable, there is no promise, that's wrong. In fact, this is the necessary catalyst to establish lofty ideals.  

to enable the children to develop ideal, promote ideal development, must play an emotional role. Emotions in the first place, because there is no touch of emotion impossible to open a child's mind, making it difficult to communicate. Parents for their children, in particular about the lack of ambition in children, to note in his peace of mind on the "catalyst" to inspire ideals of the waves, so that their emotional constantly stimulated and enhance confidence in the future of the motherland, the fate of mankind.

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