Family education

Parents in public how to educate our children

In public places can effectively control the child's low mood and destroy desire? Some "ordinary" offers these tips.

1, you can control the child's mouth

If you take the kids to the grocery, I sometimes take them to bake bread, shopping like this when there are good things done by the child's mouth.

If the kids snacks in hand, I will be able to better deal with the kids want something else.

2,   let the children of narcissism

children 1 year and a half, I found a trick when shopping, this boy to be quiet. Regardless of when the children did not have the patience, I put "baby album" take it out, this is a small photo album that I put it in my wallet. Daughter likes watching her photo album, photo album will hold a child's attention for a while, and I can quietly to the checkout payment.

3, lost his temper get out of

child if lost his temper in public, we'll get out there-even if we had to leave to pick something good, or had to pack in the restaurant to take away food. But in the long run, doing that is not a good idea. I think the little guy is aware of no use screaming, because he has not done so.

4, choose their own gifts for children

at the grocery store, I will let my daughter pick what they wanted, such as their favorite cereal, chips or snacks at lunchtime (but not pick gum or candy), the kids picked out on the line. If they are dissatisfied, then they had to put a selected object back to the shelf. When I go shopping, I let children choose their own stuff, and I let them make objects in the cashier's desk.

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