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Ten parents teaching children good "one minute" teaching

For the astronauts, a minute's time, it is possible to make a satellite launch, prospector, a minute we risk drilling the oil. As parents, if living, with a "one-minute" flashes in the sky a brilliant rainbow of children.

one minute contact   parents should pay attention to touch the boy's head, shoulders and shook the boy's hand, passed by contact between parents and children, and conveyed to the children and the power of love.

a minute to listen to   do not always let your child listen to, parents may convert an angle, to listen to children's views into the child's inner world. Listening to kids talk, must be focused and refreshing, sweet nature.

one minute game   clumsy children music found in the game, clever boy in the game knowledge, outstanding intelligence in children in the game. Games can enhance the emotions of parents and children, interest in improving children's lives, adjust the child's mental state. Parents bring their children to games, must be healthy, active, and have fun.

minute corrections   children when there is a mistake, parents must be clear about how the Act should be, errors will bring harm, correcting a child's misbehavior, not let it happen. But when faced with a child's mistakes, parents must first figure out is subjective and non-subjective factors caused by the children, their severity. Correction to note occasions, language must be gentle, gentle in manner, do not rush.

one minute incentive   incentive can make a person is as confident as ever. Parents have the patience and perseverance, stimulate the child's life, interest, stimulate the child's confidence, promote child development.

a minute praising   children always has his own advantages, as parents to pay attention to child life, excellence in learning, seize the best opportunity, for praise. In the process of praising, pay attention to the manner, the place, the tone, timing, extent, and so on.

a minute to participate in   in a family, parents should respect children's status, should be aware of the views of children, and allow children to participate in family events management, consensus as far as possible, this will facilitate the formation of the family atmosphere. In the process of child participation, should respect and guidance combined don't have obedient children.

minute corrections   child appears very serious wrongdoing must be disciplined, or children may go to the wrong way. Therefore, parents need to show their attitude, pointing out that the nature of the error, shall be ordered to correct our mistakes, but never do harm to children, to avoid confrontation.

one minute love   parents to get their kids to understand: you are the parents of the most loving people, even when serious problems occur in your parents to discipline you, is the responsibility of parents in the fulfilment of love. Parents love to children must have a certain amount of skill.

one minute look forward to   children from their parents ' expectations should let them know that. For example, parents can grow up with your children at the right time to talk about his journey, let the child know that parents do not want their children to suffer the same fate; and talk with your children a better life. But the parents of young children's expectations should be rational and realistic.

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