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Children preparing for the college entrance examination, parents should not say ten taboo

In General, the front entrance examination is extremely fragile, sensitive, parents of a casual Word, tends to create a negative psychological implications, produces the opposite effect. What is a negative psychological implications? Consider the following example.

my former employer a young man surnamed Ma, and several colleagues in the Office after lunch stroll, suddenly a gust of wind blows, a giant billboard at a discount. Ponies go to billboards and several colleagues from where hundreds of metres away behind him, seeing billboards that are on sale will be in his body, under shouted loudly: "little horse, danger! "Pony uttered a cry busy looking back, a slight hesitation just hit by Billboard, has cut a deep gash on his head ... ... At this point if there is no colleague kindly reminds, the Colt does not hesitate reactions, moments also come a billboard, probably safe.

playing at the rural village of two little boys, one of them climbed in the back of a well, head to the bottom to see. When not far from an old MOM, see the child in danger suddenly called out to stop the sound, the children affected by this scare fell into the well, water was choked to death. Without the mother cries in horror, children may well

so, on at a particular point in time and space, it could have been in the nature of things, should not have happened happened due to an external stimulus, this phenomenon is considered to be negative psychological implications. This often occurs in the annual college entrance examination, parents may be out of good intentions, good reminder and advice, said words of encouragement and consolation is also reasonable, but often counterproductive results "a disservice." So, the big test comes, what are parents "taboo" shouldn't I say it?

taboo: "come on! MOM and dad, your safe return! ”

inspiration: children want to get good grades, college entrance exam is a test, if unrealistic bid, makes children more clout.

taboo II: "I wish you success! ”

inspiration: instead of wishing success or into "safe" and "careful" words of interested candidates, such as security, because such a Word is the message of "MOM and dad cared about me, and not only about my performance."

taboo III: "remember your goals, make or break! ”

inspiration: overemphasize the role of college entrance examination in life, that if a child can't go, or get a good University, will directly affect the future of the future.

taboo IV: "our children form-test results back bars, the teacher said go to Tsinghua, Peking, no problem! ”

coaching: practice test, after all, not live ammunition of the examination room. Remind parents not to give children unrealistic expectations, which will add pressure to the child, and is likely to directly affect the child's play.

taboo v: "read the question carefully, and answer carefully, do not have any large gaps, for more points. ”

inspiration: former teacher has repeatedly exhorted the college entrance examination, parents don't have much to say. Because no candidate wants to have in their grasp the point of the drop points.

taboo VI: "now test your review time comes, you have to take advantage of. ”

inspiration: the candidate now knows the importance of college entrance examination, parents say things like this tend to let the child more difficult to calm that was prone to mood swings.

taboo VII: "just hold on, try to finish you and MOM and dad are liberated. ”

inspiration: the child hears this, will feel a burden to parents, just like his father and mother so hard are self-inflicted, if stubborn, willful child, might argue that hurt feelings on both sides.

taboo eight: "the same people, I do not believe my children than poor people. ”

inspiration: in real life, tend to have some parents prefer to take their children to compare, a right mindset is, no matter how much people's children, as long as one's own child mental and physical health, understand the basic truth of life, parents should meet.

taboo IX: "MOM and dad are so hard for you, you have to live up to expectations, to have a bright future. ”

inspiration: today's parents paid a lot for their kids, they also hope to get the child's return. Many parents believe that, before the children have no adult, children learn best and conscious is that parents carefully cultivated discipline, seeking the best return.

taboo 10: "don't get into MOM and dad do not blame you, we review all over again next year. ”

inspiration: many parents want it for child relief, help them ease. In fact, the majority of candidates is very offensive, they think it has not spoken exam, are parents to a denial of their ability.

these "taboo" Please keep in mind, don't be "inadvertently planted Willow" thing.

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