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Parents how to develop children's intelligence and skill

Intellectual skills can also be used to guide children to develop comprehensive observation, analysis of habits, learn to insight into the subject of essence and inner connection method using problem-solving experience to help children overcome the old mindset to promote skills transfer to form a child's intelligence and skill.  

we are evaluating the child's intellectual level, tend to use IQ tests, this constructed in the traditional view of intelligence testing, has its own limitations. Essentially intellectual level can be shown relevant skills to reflect on their kids. For example, if a child in the calculation when certain types of exercises can use to calculate the answer, then the children master arithmetic skills if children according to the different nature of the proposition, freely in accordance with written procedures conceived and written narratives, essays and other articles, we can say that children acquire writing skills. Obviously, skill is an important representation of intelligence level of children. So-called intellectual skills also refers to internal language awareness activities implemented in mind. Such cognitive activity by means of inner speech at a reasonable and perfect program organized and linked together like automation. Mental skills to children's learning and development plays a very significant impact. It is children get rational experience of important means, is problem solution of important conditions, we know problem solution must by target guidelines of, must contains has series of operation, must after series of intelligence skills to achieved, like, how judge problem of nature, proposed assumed, determine solution problem of program, and checking,, these on problem of solution, up with directly of regulation and guide role. While intellectual skills also affect the formation and development of children's abilities. Intellectual skills as an important means of obtaining rational experience, is also an important condition for access to knowledge, it can, through knowledge and experience, affect the ability formation and development.

normally, intellectual skills can be divided into two big categories of General Intelligence and special intellectual skills. General intellectual skills refers to the awareness of skills, including observation skills, thinking skills, memory skills, imagination skills. Specific intellectual skills are specialized in the field of formation and development of intellectual skills. Such as reading skills, computational skills and writing skills. General intellectual skills can only be expressed through special intellectual skills, and specific intellectual skills must be based on the General intellectual skills. Application of any general intellectual skills, are required to have a specific content. Such as thinking. The basic skills of analysis, synthesis, is thinking, what object, synthetic materials, involves a certain degree of knowledge, thinking skills reflected in a certain professional activity. And performance skills in a professional activity is the Special intellectual skills. Of course, any kind of special intellectual skills are left in the General intellectual skills, like writing skills cannot leave the observing, thinking, imagination, memory skills, and general intellectual skill restrictions. So, intellectual skills, what are the characteristics? By way of how to improve the child's mental skills?

intellectual skills as thinking as the core understanding of the specific methods of processing, has the following three basic characteristics.

1. Conceptual. Not by tinkering with the physical realization of intellectual activity, and its object is not the objective itself, but the objective things in human brain mapping and associated with images of words. Intelligence activities is the role of inner speech and words. Is based on the form of the word "heart" completed action, so is the idea.

2. Abbreviated. Intelligence unlike practice, every action is actually made, must not be ignored, and abbreviated. Intelligence activities are left playing with the shackles of physical removal, can be carried out in a highly abbreviated manner, you can even make people unaware of their activities. Such as mental arithmetic, reading (read), when ideas, mental arithmetic, problem-solving, intellectual activity can be highly abbreviated and the process of thinking, sometimes much faster than they are practical.

3. Latent within it. As far as the conduct of intelligence activities, it is in the mind by means of inner speech done in silence. Of things in the mind analysis, synthesis, abstract, abstract thinking, unlike in the objective physical external motion, can see processing modifications to real action. Thinking activity is carried out in the mind, is imperceptible from the outside, thus is potential.

children's intellectual skills develop mostly in teaching and counselling activities. Parents and teachers on children's intelligence in the teaching and coaching skills training should consider the formation of intellectual skills stage, take a variety of measures of teaching consciously. Here we show some specific measures:

(a) the types of recognition

kids answers topic, parents can help children identify the topic belongs to that type, you can use the appropriate cognitive skills to answer. Such as writing articles, we know is written narrative or essay. The different nature of the project, solving cognitive skills are different. Recognition is first when solving problems in plane geometry or solid geometry problems, is arithmetic or algebra.

(b) break away from the old effects of experience

If a child by virtue of experience to grasp the nature of the questions or general understanding of current issues will play a role in promoting, it could have a positive effect. But due to the experience with a set of roles, often prevent children to reveal the nature of the questions or relationships. For example, a request "by four points in three straight, don't let the pencil from the paper, could make the pencil back to the starting point. "The pattern of children and believed that the three lines cannot exceed four-point range, this condition is added according to their own experience of the child. If the experience in helping children break the stereotype, problem will be solved.

(c) from the coaching part to whole, intellectual skills, flexible

intellectual skills to be skilled and reach the level of flexibility, and there are often opportunities for problem-solving exercises, let the children learn from the solutions of parts to the whole. For example, problem-solving skills in mathematics, can be decomposed into examining, analysis, formulation, calculation, checking for writing skills can be divided into moderation, and conception, layout, textual and other. This complex intellectual skill to be taken from the parts to the whole culture.

(d) create good situation, children form a complete orientation

during the development of intellectual skills, active orientation is important, it is a decisive impact on intellectual skills. In the orientation phase of activities, children are mainly familiar with intelligence activities, knowing what to do and how to do it, let the children formed in your mind about appearance of awareness activities and results, to the activity. So they had to pay attention to the creation of conditions, to provide and build complete directional basis for children's intellectual activity ability, which is to receive parent or teacher in the teaching and coaching provides good ready-made models, built after the migration. Therefore, parents in counselling, not only to give their children a good practice models, but also in guiding children to understand knowledge and problem solving while thinking of training and guidance. As in a solution, let the children talking about their problem-solving: how to sum up the meaning, how to analyze the relationship of the conditions and requirements, how to find the key to problem-solving, what steps are deduced or calculated results. Can also let children use different ways of thinking about the problem, and then find the best ideas. Do this frequently, children not only to reflect on the learning task, while thinking about your thought process and thinking itself, it helps to cultivate children's ability to redirect. Children complete orientation should be based on three criteria:

first, the orientation should be based on independently by the children, rather than the parent activities readily available to teach children.

Secondly, the correct and complete understanding of the intellectual activity of the whole process of solving problems. Such as composition, to write an article about the whole process that is: examining (propositions), around the center of the selection, organization structure, selected groups, and so on.

Second, a general understanding of intelligence activities, such as children resolve "a triangular high" when this kind of problem, you should be aware of this intellectual activity summary procedures, namely from any any vertex of the triangle to the right side for higher program, rather than a specific one of the vertices of the triangle to the edge to the approach.

(e) provides step by step exercise conditions to form a child's intellectual skills

formation of the intellectual skills to practice. This exercise to go through the process of material and physical activities, speech stage, no sound sound external external speech stage stage of this process, internal language. In teaching and coaching, parents should give their children-step exercise conditions on this form, so that the child can press mode to intellectual activity in the exercise programs show, and gradual generalization from the expanded form from outside to inside and become skilled and automation of activities, thus contributing to form a child's intelligence and skill.

for example, "for from 1 to 100 the total number of" topics have three kinds of thinking method of solving problems is as follows.

first: the 1+2=3,3+3=6,6+4=10,10+5=15 ... Method of adding one by one. In this way, by the analysis of the teacher-student, slow, long, is a stupid approach. This is the external sound speech stage.

second: while examining, some children found that the 100 numbers, 1+99;2+98;3+97 ... 49 (1+99) x49+100+50 solution, the external perceptions of where the child does not make a sound stage.

third: use inner speech activity phase. Child adds 1 find the number from left to right, from right to left are minus 1, if this array corresponds to the ends of the two added together equal the number (such as  1+100=101,2+99=101,3+98=101, and so on) now as long as you know a couple of the numbers, and is 101x50=5050. This solution is used in find out the relationship between inner speech, resolve issues quickly and accurately.

in addition, the intellectual skills can also be used to guide children to develop comprehensive observation, analysis of habits, learn to insight into the subject of essence and inner connection method using problem-solving experience to help children overcome the old mindset to promote skills transfer to form a child's intelligence and skill.

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