Family education

Children's psychological quality and the influence of family environment

Family environment will have a direct impact on children's mental health. Therefore, a good family environment is the healthy development of children, form a good psychological quality guarantee.

is a prerequisite for good psychological quality formation of family virtue, should be harmonious, harmony among family members. Although sometimes the differences of opinion, but are United on the principle. In such a climate of cooperation, understanding, children not only to learn the people's mutual help, love, cooperation, understanding, and children's thinking will, ability, will be harmonious development, and derive a sense of form receptive consciousness of education. Instead, a stranger among family members, work the selfish, bickering families children are often not perfect, even abnormal, their apathy, paranoia, lack of cooperation. Therefore advocated family values, correctly handle the relationship between family members, form a good specification. To live in harmony and work hard to construct the harmonious atmosphere of the family, parents do not flinging, emotional person and convince people, fully embodies the family life of Harbour, that is conducive to the formation of sound psychological qualities of the child.

parent good parenting attitude is the key to good psychological quality formation, is an example to the children of their parents, parents ' rearing attitudes and methods directly affect the child's behavior and psychology, children's good behavior is the result of parental education.

bossy old family environments, education emphasizes the absolute obedience to parents will, obey not to punish. In such excessively harsh parenting attitudes of their parents, child's lack of autonomy, lack of confidence and independence, would create a strong violent, brutal, lying, rebellious personality, and will often play tricks on others, looking for revenge in the compensation and psychological balance.

some parents want to provide every possible help and protection to children, overly charming Pang, on demand. Parents too much replace, so that children develop a great deal of dependence, becomes selfish, willful, wanton and easy temper, boastful character.

some parents take a laissez-faire parenting attitude, due to lack of access to care for children, do not have access to the father's love and motherly love and loneliness, gradually will become a full attack, cold, often emotionally upset, unstable, easily angered, indifferent to things around you.

good rearing attitude of the parents in a democracy, the common attitude towards the education of children. Family, love, caring, easy going understanding, encouraging and inducing parents can give their children, and on their children's shortcomings and mistakes can aptly comment, raising children's awareness and correct shortcomings. So you gradually develop the child's self-esteem, self-reliance, warm and friendly to others. Can accept criticism and stress, have the ability to work independently.

changes in family structure are an important cause of psychological problems. In recent years, with rapid changes in people's concept of values, family structure is changing. Family structure and stability is at stake, family disintegration and reconstruction of that single parent families emerge. The brunt of child psychological harm, broken homes, children with greater sense of inner security and end all of a sudden disappeared, children's survival of the family is destroyed, so as to make the child prone to abnormal psychology and quirks, easy on the road to crime, it will seriously affect the development of child mental health.

so, it is necessary to improve the quality of parents, improve parental responsibility, awareness of the importance of cultivating children's mental health, and efforts to overcome the obstacles brought changes in family structure, for creating a good family environment for children's development.

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