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Misunderstanding of one-on-one tutoring, talking about the individualized education

Many parents "personalized education" understanding misunderstanding that "personalization" is "one to one", the so-called one-to-one teaching, that is, a teacher, a student, a table, a set of lesson plans-this is the "individual education" on the awareness and understanding of the kernel.

However, not yet fully met one-on-one education of children, this is full of strangeness, but also has a great curiosity! School of education, teaching, teachers are mostly "whole uniform" way of teaching, which is in the community's basic trend of rapid development in the era of popular education. However, with social development and the competition in the future, on the cultivation of comprehensive quality requirements, we have to concern the growth of children. Let the children accept the General elite education, based on workers "knowledge-intensive" training, enhancing their future social and competitive situation, education or education for the children of the future and should take into account a good way.

Derlin currently educational institutions launched the "one-on-one personalized education", promoting abilities, promoting the all-round development of the child, is the external expression of elite education to a certain extent, effectively making up for popular education mode for children under the cultivation of individuality leakage. Certain practices of educational institutions, are more usefully complement school education, work together to provide children with a comprehensive and sound education environment.

it is because of this mode of education novelty, kids just out of curiosity, experience, thereby accepting this kind of education, children's performance has greatly improved in a short time. And this improve, dates back Yu currently most tutor counselling institutions of practices, and from education initiatives of implementation process and education effect to analysis, that one-on-one counselling by produced of effect, is because teacher spent has more of energy more of time, children input has more of attention zhihou, on subject knowledge structure, and subject knowledge system of a full review and filling, to for learning level of consolidation and improve created has conditions. Therefore, immediate and obvious effect. All in all, insofar as education is concerned, is not quite satisfactory!

the traditional one-on-one, only form, changed the way teaching organization mode, essentially, and does not do a "personalized education" work, that is, to provide sound educational service for children, so that children learn how to learn, learn learn and constantly improve themselves.

a excellent of "personalized education" programme, is from essentially analysis children of character constitute, and intelligence constitute, and for each children different of learning habits, and learning method, and learning attitude, and thinking habits, and character reasons, and growth environment, and family constitute, factors, for children tailored customized a full of, and system of, and science of, and authority of, and useful of, and can operation of learning programme.

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