Family education

Family experiences, how much do you feel?

Speaking of children, probably every parent talk topics, child's devoted too much of our care and love, of course, children also bring us untold joy. Children are growing up day by day, from babbling toddlers, to today's little children, they change to our surprise. Children grow up is what we parents growing up, our parents in the school are constantly learning and improving, I really do not know is that we teach children and kids teach us?

child means that education begins at birth, can be divided into family education and social education and school education. Parents are not only concerned about their children's intellectual development, academic performance is good or bad. I think that parents should pay attention to: the children's physical and mental health; education; social morality; character of non-intelligence factors such as education, family education. Knowledge teaching, development of which must be completed by the school. Even if parents know this knowledge, may not be able to solve the problem, and even contradicts the professional teacher's methods, so as a parent as long as family support to teachers. Next, I will talk about some of my experiences to children's education.

my son is 8 years old, enrolled in two solid third grade, where I he is proud: children develop more comprehensive, learning progress is clear, a certain degree of independence and autonomy, active learning has some sense of responsibility and compassion, understanding and respecting their parents and get on well with children, know the painstaking labor, have strong communication skills. But there are still a lot of problems: such as careless, loves to play video games, do things slower, and so on.

to talk about the children's education, I think what is not success. However, children from starving babies grow up to be a child who has some knowledge in personnel, this process does is unite we parents care. This is puzzling. Let me talk about some of our family education ideas and experiences.

first, the "strict" multinationals, seize the key stage of primary school

Scholar Hu Shi once said: "a person when I was young, is the most needful future hero Kennedy St yin, or to make a small big crafty thieves thieves stealing, respectively, out of four characters in this family." Today social child more has, family conditions good has, across generation discipline, even please others discipline children of phenomenon also more has, in children growth process in the, many parents often ignored has children of strictly education, on children "indulgence", and "pet", and put children used have like, as on people didn't courtesy, should have by children himself do of things and by parents, and Grandpa Grandma agent, side do job side speech, or to adults accompanied do job, work Dilly,. For example, I know college students, high school students in both parents appeared to food events. We don't think it is trivial, I call it "event" is that such children, "Mama", "selfish", "me-centric". No compassion, no independence, no will to overcome difficulties. Tree and is not naturally straight, but trees grow crooked neck.

the purpose of my children: children know, tomorrow virtue, become a man of heart and sincerity. Everything, everything correct guidance, develop children know German habits, more children for the sake of the public, to stop selfish thoughts. Requires the child to love, to love the country, love their parents, loving community, must do to honor their parents, respect for teachers. Study hard, and can not be slack. Striving to become intellectual, moral and physical quality of students.

my children used to take "width-time hours". Kindergarten, elementary school, children are more obedient, good discipline, easy to form good habits, my son. Children as long as the child to develop good habits, loose had failed. This is the critical period, key in any education, nurture their children's behavior at this age is most effective if the age further such education, the effects could be much worse. Primary schools, it was normal, the most critical period for developing good study habits. Developing good habits at this stage most likely to work, take this link is equivalent to hold the child's later.

Second, fostering independence, so that the child does not produce dependency.

children grow up, but no matter how long they will always be children in the parents ' eyes. We have always found them this would not not that everywhere need our help. Children's abilities are often beyond our imagining, the point is that we will not let them do it. Probably we will have such experiences, as if overnight children will do things we never specifically called him, we'll be surprised: How did he learn? Kids are kids, and as long as we are willing to let him take the first step, they will give us a big surprise! May sometimes we think they might as well do it yourself comes easy, but poor children do twice, three times, will do one day! If you do not ask him to do, I am afraid, will always do well. We try to keep their children at home doing things like adult food, tea, sweeping, and communication skills are also important in modern society, but also on training. We are encouraging children to communicate with others, and the other is to a kid some communication skills.

third, focus on children's growth, how to communicate with children, good loving parents, in order to reply in a timely manner is difficult, children in the right direction.

our family harmony, happiness, provide a good family environment for the healthy growth of children. Family disharmony, harm to children than adults, make children insecure and prone to bad character and psychology, lack of responsibility and compassion, good family environment can provide fertile ground necessary to the healthy growth of children. Meanwhile, I attach great importance to moral education, man will work. Moral we asked his son not to lie, not someone else's, not litter such things, moral education contents also changes with the child's growth. Of course, parents demanded their children do, the first thing we do. Example is better than precept, as Confucius said: "it is not, do not feel". Parents ' influence on children is invisible. Also, the moral education of their children, parents can not condescending, to be carried out in an atmosphere of democracy and equality; the other children's education is a gradual process and cannot be achieved overnight. We set aside a little time each day, focusing on children's growth: job done, right? There is nothing new, there are no fun? Especially in children experiencing confusion, frustration, and when you make a mistake, timely communication with their children, to guide and adjust the child's State of mind. Meanwhile, from the side of the people and things in daily life to begin, subtly Outlook on life and values education for children, kids to establish lofty ideals, which aroused deep infinite power. Meanwhile, love to play is a child's nature, we never use too much extra-curricular training deprive children of their rights.

four, regular contact with teachers, understanding children's learning and performance in school.

to maintain regular contact between families and schools, keeping parents should take the initiative to visit some schools to teachers, teachers reflecting children's learning and mental attitude at home, ask the child school learning attitude, lectures are serious, positive statements, and so, if the child is in some ways the deficiencies, go home and can be targeted to educating our children. In this regard, we have done less well, some things thanks to teachers contact us, to avoid children detours and the children of some bad habit.

family education is a complex project. I home on children of education also do have is enough, and some method also in constantly to groping, we will constantly to efforts, draw others family aspects of success experience, and teacher, and parents are common discussion, makes children are can full development, became a "intellectual, moral and physical" full development of excellent students, future can for country effectiveness, for masses service, do a has wisdom, and has virtue, and has awareness of people, has a light of future.

parents, sons Sage, no dye Vice. To educate children to be hard trying to learn, and become the pillars of our country in the future of our family. For the benefit of the people first, to do moral education of children, know the truth, tomorrow virtue, teaching children to become a man of heart and sincerity.

greed and ignorance is slow, people fall for. Everything, everything to boot correctly, form children know German habits, training children to be all for the sake of the public, to allow them to cut off all selfish thoughts. Requires the child to love, to love the country, love their parents, loving community, love everything thing to do, to do more to honor their parents, respect for teachers. Study hard, and can not be slack. Striving to become intellectual, moral and physical quality of students. Step into society in the future, not for ourselves, for the benefit of the people.

teaching children to make minds. One cannot followers and no ambition. Ambition is one's goal. So our family is often urging children to be sure of your goals. Requiring children to make minds. Clear direction, studying hard. Diligence is not retreated, at home, requiring children to "parents call, Yuan should sentence; parents, not lazy. "In school that children try" respected teacher, follow the teacher's instruction. "The class to listen carefully, to finish all homework, classmates, to learn from each other in the school to try to do something good for the public. Strictly obey the rules, children's education and strive to achieve a "possession of" all-round development of students, the future for his country, for public service, a man of wisdom, virtue, consciousness, this is our programme of family expectations for children and education.

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