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Parents how to protect their children arrive each day to go to school

Children go to school on time every day in fact, is one of the responsibilities of parents. As a parent, how can I do so the children could go to school on time? I have to say that parents need to do some work.

1, children should be dressed to eat breakfast. One o'clock, get up, can make the child may even preschool children can have enough time to dress. In the summer, let your child wears clothes easier, so if you need to let the child learn to dress skills, could give her a start in August, so that you can take care of themselves after the school ready.

2, a very young baby can pick up bed. Parents can use a wool scarf, not the best blankets and bedspreads, baby sitting or standing on the bed, and then teach the baby how to flatten sheets and comforters. If the child carefully got out of bed, they just put the pillows on the bed, you see, they can clean up their little beds in line.

3, the night before the next day's clothes and lunches ready. As mentioned in the other sections, this preparation is the best way to help children. Which also includes making decisions about clothes and lunch by the children themselves, can make this process more smoothly.

4 primary and older children should be tidy bag the night before. Once he finished his homework quickly, exercise books in the bag is a good way. In the morning, and then hurry to find a job is not a good thing.

5, even the best of kids will have a tough time, humor can often ease the tensions of the day. And the tit-for-tat or act stupid tend to make your children children and both parents had a bad morning.

6, check the listing can remind kids what needs to be estimated in the morning (dress-up bed, hair, brushing your teeth). For preschool children, parents can use note: for babies, you can use pictures to prompt.

7, if the baby is not so cooperative, you can do it yourself, help them put on clothes or shoes. Older children should themselves bear the consequences but not ready to work: if she was late to catch the school bus, she had to walk to school; if Word is not too far away from home, her only parent, and they send her to school.

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