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How do parents and children along

All parents in the world are built on relationships between themselves and their children. Parents are their children's first teachers, some children may be afraid their parents, and some may not like to communicate with their parents. How to get along better with the children in the world? When parents and children together, first of all, to maintain a childlike, tell yourself, "I am a child". Only in the children's shoes and see the world, to mingle with baby, baby's best friend. This relationship with your baby will get better.

parents are hard to get along with preschool kids, adults because their parents can't understand baby infant mental. So how do you get along with the baby's parents worry about a problem. While at the same time and means babies get along better able to educate him. How to get along better with the baby in the world?

1, attention to your baby's needs

detailed insights into the baby, pay attention to your baby's needs. Not just verbally, but also from their daily behavior to feel your baby's inner needs and potential needs.

2, respect for the child's views

in communication with the baby, MOM and dad to remember, the baby is also a subject of discourse. Therefore, when talking in baby, not only to express their ideas, and also to seriously respect your baby's view, and benign interaction with the baby.

3, experience the feeling of baby

when the baby outside in the wrong, and when a good friend or beloved pet separation, his (her) delicate little hearts will be sad for a long time. Parents just tell him (her), "it doesn't matter, be strong", "it's so sad", will let the baby parents who can not understand him at all (her) feelings, if parents say: "you are sad, right? If I were you would feel this way. "Will have very different effects.

4, understanding your baby's development

If parents say some babies can't understand, or make some babies are not up to the shows, believe baby hard, pressure, dialogue between parents is bound to put on the line.

5, earnest answer baby questions

baby questions, should first understand its real meaning, and answer for your baby's needs. For example, to go shopping with you. If you know the real purpose of the baby, you can say: "Yes! Do you want to go? "The baby will be very happy.

in addition, the intellectual problem of the baby, parents should be more careful answers, or answers together with a baby, so that the baby no matter what problems will take the initiative to ask the parents.

6, to avoid using negative tone

unable to use "I order you to......", "I'm warning you......", "you'd better hurry up......" and "limiting you in five seconds ... ...", "the count of one, two or three ... ... Otherwise ... ... "you should be......", "you're stupid", "you", "you let me down", "not ... ..." command, commands, such as warning, threaten, blame, abuse, denial and other negative tone.

7, constantly changing new topic

constantly changing fresh topics. Can cause the baby's interest, for example: "guess what's going on today? "," Do you know why your baby's favorite Dinosaur? "," If one day, astronauts really came to Earth ... ... ", and so on, I believe it will" have a good day? "," Happy happy "attract far more interest in baby talk.

8, enrich baby's life experience

parent-child conversation topics. Tend to come from life, so a sharp, curious heart train the baby is very important. Parents can observe everything around them with baby, such as around flowers.

color, shape and brand of the car on the road, street wear, say, Department store Windows, and there are numerous, the material which can be used as talking babies of observation will naturally increase.

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