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Parents how to bring up children good habits of study

In daily life, children many things always ask why, this is an expression of curiosity, learning, child love your head. Parents must not be too child poverty, cold shoulder treatment.  

children learn how to learn, in addition to the "five-step method", the need to develop good study habits. Children who study well and stable, as small form good study habits and score good or bad kids, tend to lack of good study habits.

good study habits include? How to cultivate?

used to develop learning plans. Child's main task is to study, as well as labor, cultural activities, sports events, games, contacts, and so on. Parents guide children plan should include arrangements in respect of the moral, intellectual, physical, and learning is one of the most important parts. Child's schedule includes daily scheduling, examination arrangements and weekend, summer and winter vacation arrangements. Plan to simply, what time do meet the requirements.

Saturday and Sunday should be the summary revision, homework, labour, cultural and sports activities as well as participation in extracurricular activities of interest. Content is not row is too full, or effect.

summer time is longer, in addition to completed holiday assignments, to arrange for more readings and more recreational and sports activities. Some children have difficulty with one's lessons, tutorial should take advantage of holiday one or two lessons.

plans to play the child initiative, parents cannot replace, should be the guiding opinion. Supervise children strict implementation of plans, finish must not be put aside. Plans can be adjusted, not give up.

dedicated, cost-effective when used. Plenty of kids, dawdle, absence of mind reading, doing homework, and spends a lot of time, and inefficient. And the reason is, when there is no formation of dedicated, cost-effective practices. Children learn, speed, quality and quantity, at a certain time, as required to complete a certain task.

as the child ages, personality, ability to focus mental time is different. Starting from the request. Such as one or two grades of primary school children, each time for about 20 minutes, then gradually extended. Start, children often do not keep track of time and parents to guide him, the school, the fun when playing. Most important thing is to teach children to own learning content, quantity and quality requirements that once sat at the desk, enters the appropriate tense state of learning. After each study, to assess how they are doing, parents encourage timely. Stick to it, you can create specific habits.

some of the parents, only learning, wanted to let the child sit at her desk reading, doing homework, no time for rest and relaxation. It would easy to form a slow, regardless of efficiency problems.

the habits of independent study, with a view to solutions. Learning, the taboo is a dangerous thing, a little. If you want to learn good, must develop habits of independent study, with a view to solutions. How to cultivate this habit?

encourage your child to get. In daily life, children many things always ask why, this is an expression of curiosity, learning, child love your head. Parents must not be too child poverty, cold shoulder treatment. The best research with children. Due to learning tasks, children are often satisfied with knowledge is passed, rarely asking why. Parents may wish to teach your child about learning every day, and his summary to summarize, use their brains to think.

check out reference books and materials used. Reference books and materials are not talking teacher, learning, reference books and material benefits will be used a lot. In addition to the General dictionary, dictionaries, specialized reference books in all subjects. Parents to guide their children to use reference books. Parents should give their children be an example, encountered new words, new words, ask the teacher does not speak. Also to search the dictionary game with your child. Families with conditions, you can bring your children to purchase several books (including the information) put it on the shelf, often read.

the habit of good advice. Good advice is a good idea, the premise is good at asking questions. Parents to guide their children at any time record of problems in learning, in order to ask the teacher for advice, to ask the students. Questions posed to others, should be their efforts no solution. Some problems if he tries to answer with answer to consult, will gain even more. Learning, knowledge, required to learn, ask. Some children afraid to ask in class, the class but were afraid to ask. For such children, to encourage him to break through for the first time, after several dare to ask questions. Facts have proved that they do not understand the problem, ask people will be impressed, too, people ask themselves questions will deepen their own understanding of the issue.

parents can be combined with the actual situation of children targeted for education and training. Can you give children a realistic reasonable expectation, can seriously urge the boot, can stick, is a test for the parents ' educational awareness and education.

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