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Learn five trick, let your child not capriciously

For wayward children, headache for many parents, not knowing where to start, or any of, or scold. In fact, each parents children unruly, under normal circumstances, because the parents are very busy, when in these situations is muddling along, basic end to meet your child's demand.

most children will be increased with the age and gradually learn to control their own, and some of the children will become even worse, made unreasonable demands, if not immediately meet unexpected behavior occurs, such as crying, beatings, acts of sabotage, habitual over time may lead to control of abuse, or antisocial behavior. Therefore, on these issues, neither too seriously, nor allow children, some approaches can appropriately, so that the child's behavior is corrected.

(a) prompts at  

any child can find some basic rules of conduct, most when an exception occurs in special needs. Mastering the child capricious rules, prior "agreement" approach to prevent wayward attack.

as children take to the streets always crying parents hold, before you go out to speak with the child: "don't mother today took to the streets, you have to go really tired, you can rest for a while and then go, or I will no longer take you out. "Then there is the parents to buy toys or food for him, first agreed to buy something, rather than to buy them everything, preferably based on actual and need to buy the right thing according to the child's wishes, rather than fully meet their desires, let the child know how to restrain themselves.

(b) cooling  

when a child lost his temper because of the requirements have not been met or when the roll on the ground screaming, parents don't take any notice of him, not in front of the children showing love, compassion, or compromise, nor can they bargain with him.

can be taken to avoid, to leave him. When ignored, and their children will get bored and make concessions. This "cold treatment" method is often more effective.

(c) diversion  

this method is suitable for younger children, parents can use the child attention easily dispersed psychological features, easy to be attracted to something new, their children's attention from its insistence on things to other interesting articles or something.

(d) the Albert  

using the child's competitive psychology, arouse their confidence to overcome capricious, it can be compared with other children for good behavior.

(e) appropriate penalties and rewards

for young children, education alone is not enough, appropriate penalties are an extremely effective means of education.

child capricious good eating, parents don't have to dwell on, and after a time to put all food away. Don't have to worry about starving children, a two does not eat the meal at your child's growth and development will not be affected. During the intervention process, the children behaved better, appropriate incentives, like hugging, verbal praise, material rewards, but it should be noted that material rewards not to too much, too big, or it will be invalidated.

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