Family education

Eight of the most easily overlooked in family misunderstandings

Family education, more or less like "responsive" and "neglect" and other issues, affecting the healthy development of children. Easy to overlook several major problems in family education.

question one: perfection.

some families, no matter how well children were able to meet the expectations of parents. Parents would repeatedly "be better next time."

children growing up in such families, usually kept their "new requirements" do not know how to appreciate the good in people, even do not know how to treat others "flaw" for tolerance and understanding.

problem two: talk about it.

some parents habits constantly dictating to kids, or repeat instructions or details of the detailed arrangements for their children, not to let their children have the opportunity to make choices for themselves.

children of such families are often less autonomous, not proactively doing things spontaneously, often need a hint, accustomed to obey commands.

problem three: on demand.

some parents become their children's "good parenting", even pretended to children, even very unreasonable demands on their children will try every way to meet.

in this class the children growing up in families, often wayward defiant, angry; used to be self-centered, disregard for others ' feelings.

problem: excessive protection.

some parents think are "thoughtful", tend to be children is not "open", made all the arrangements for them.

children grew up under the parent wing, often not interested in the people and things around, and look forward to everyone taking care of yourselves as too vulnerable, because no one will feel wronged, or that is owed to its own.

problem five: worry too much about the State of health of the children.

some parents often had no reason to worry about a child's illness or malnutrition. Children growing up in such families vulnerable to their own pain were exaggerated, particularly expected "disease" in the meticulous care, and physical or mental emotion to control families.

question six: harsh.

some parents think that under the rod, spoil the child. Future promise to get their children, corporal punishment in education is inevitable. Children growing up in such families are used to seeing face to act, usually afraid to express your opinion, fear of punishment, extremely easy to form a dual personality, lack of confidence, does not have the courage to accept new challenges.

problem: the lack of care.

some parents have busy career or livelihood of child neglect, child, mental demands and needs are neglected. Children of such families are often more difficult to? build intimacy, lack a sense of belonging, lack of self-awareness, don't know where, prone to despair.

question eight: indifference or weak.

Although counterintuitive, but there are still a few parents of children was "disgusting".

children who grow up in families of this type are often extremely vulnerable inside, character inferiority is withdrawn and often self-harming; suspect may hate yourself and leave?

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