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The five characteristics
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The five characteristics

first, strong teacher   

     our teachers come from all over the country, has extensive coaching experience, deep expertise, strong sense of responsibility, good quality conservation, teaching and high quality.

     coaching: primary, secondary and high schools, art, Olympic, specialist. undergraduate. PubMed. Cobb

Second, in accordance with their aptitude  

     our teacher arranged for students to thoroughly understand, differential treatment in education, tailored according to the situation of the children of an effective programme of teaching, teaching, coaching and timely and accurately understand. Expanding learning and improve academic performance. Educational psychology is a required course for every teacher, therefore, in the course of instruction for students according to their actual conditions for a proper psychological counselling, guiding students to establish a correct Outlook on life and values.

third, the high success rate  

     due to the Faculty for undergraduate and graduate students, in-service teachers, degree, high levels of knowledge, methods, success rate of tutoring and parent satisfaction rate is almost 100%.

four, gold teacher's  

     for part in counselling in the entrance aspects has extremely rich, and strong and effective of counselling experience, in grind Qian they are has years coaching of experience, and are participate in had 2003-2011 years degrees high evaluation volume, some teacher get had a level teachers title, and excellent teachers title, and advanced teachers title and so on has strength of honors, they in College has larger of Fame, due to teaching quality high, they get many students and the parents satisfaction of , 100%, they are postgraduate tutor gold teacher, is also indispensable as a member of the teacher in the tutoring industry.

five and reputation of the  

     spirit of conscientious, dedicated to improving student achievement to have any context, enable many poor students to achieve satisfactory scores, many successful examples of the strength of our teachers also Ying won the favor of many students and their parents and trusted students like teachers, parents trust the teacher.

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